Meditation and Sleep Easy Range

Meditation and Sleep Easy Range


All of the products in the meditation and sleep easy range will melt away worries and anxiety and promote improved sleep. Choose from a range of different sized candles, reed diffuser or room spray.


Black Orchid - Black Truffle, Ylang, Bergamot & Blackcurrant -
A dramatic and indulgent floral scent with a creamy blend weaved through the warm, rich, woody base note. A sensual scent that relieves stress, anxiety, anger and restlessness. Promotes meditation, grounding, balancing and sleep.

  • S Glass Candle - Up to 20 hours burn time 77g net weight

    M Rose Tin Candle - 30 - 50 hours burn time 240g net weight

    M Glass Candle - 60 - 80 hours burn time 300g net weight

    L  Glass Candle - 80 - 100 hours burn time 533g net weight

    XL Black Candle - 80 - 100 hours burn time 495g net weight

    XL Pink Candle - 80 - 100 hours burn time 495g net weight

    Room Spray - 50ml

    Reed Diffuser - 100ml with 8 Natural Reeds

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