Meditation and Sleep Easy Range

Meditation and Sleep Easy Range

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All of the products in the meditation and sleep easy range will melt away worries and anxiety and promote improved sleep. Choose from a range of different sized candles, reed diffuser or room spray.


Black Orchid - Black Truffle, Ylang, Bergamot & Blackcurrant -
A dramatic and indulgent floral scent with a creamy blend weaved through the warm, rich, woody base note. A sensual scent that relieves stress, anxiety, anger and restlessness. Promotes meditation, grounding, balancing and sleep.

  • S Glass Candle - Up to 20 hours burn time 77g net weight

    M Rose Tin Candle - 30 - 50 hours burn time 240g net weight

    M Glass Candle - 60 - 80 hours burn time 300g net weight

    L  Glass Candle - 80 - 100 hours burn time 533g net weight

    XL Black Candle - 80 - 100 hours burn time 495g net weight

    XL Pink Candle - 80 - 100 hours burn time 495g net weight

    Room Spray - 50ml

    Reed Diffuser - 100ml with 8 Natural Reeds

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