Do's And Don'ts - Preparing For Your Spray Tan

Spray Tan Preparation

Gently exfoliate your face and body 24 hours before your appointment.

Please ensure you have not had any laser treatments, tinting, eyelash extensions or waxing 48 hours before your spray tan.

Upon arrival please be newly showered with no deodorant, moisturiser or make up on.

It is advised that you remove all jewellery and contact lenses.

The Treatment

The spray tan appointment will last just under half an hour. During the actual spray tan, you can either go nude, wear my disposable pants or your own underwear. If you are uncomfortable going topless then I advise a small bra as you will have clear tan marks for whatever item of clothing you wear during the spray tan. These will get heavily marked with the tanning solution so if you are going to wear your own items, please make sure that they are inexpensive and dark in colour.


After your treatment, you will feel a little tacky and the initial guide colour will rub onto clothing. 99% of the time this comes out of your clothes in the wash, but just to make sure, it’s advised that you wear dark, loose clothing without any tight strap marks or elasticated waist bands that would rub on the skin. A loose maxi dress is the best option.

If it is raining on the day, it is advised you stay indoors whilst your tan is setting to avoid getting wet as this will make your tan run. Please be mindful that you won’t be able to wear a mask whilst the guide colour is setting.

Refrain from undertaking any activity that will make you sweat whilst the guide colour is developing.

Do not shower or bathe for at least 8 hours with regular tanning solution or 1-4 hours if using express tanning solution.

Do not touch your skin during development time as your palms will stain.

When the agreed duration is up you will need to shower with lukewarm water. Do not use any soap during this first shower and do not rub the skin, just let the running water do the work. The water will run brown, when the water runs clear you can proceed to step out of the shower. Pat dry with the towel, do not rub dry.

If you have had the Express solution, it will look like you have lost most of your tan. Do not panic! This is how express works; it still needs the full 8 hours to develop. It is crucial that you do not put any products on the skin until the full 8 hours have passed. You will see yourself getting darker over the remaining hours.

Once the tan has set, you should moisturise to ensure the tan lasts as long as possible.

If all of these instructions are followed, then the express solution should last between 5 - 7 days with the original solution lasting as long as 7 - 10 days.


*Wear loose socks over your hands in bed!

*Moisturise, moisturise, moisturise. This will help maintain your tan for longer.

*On day 5, gently exfoliate to ensure an even fade.

*Long exposure to water, sweating from exercise and oil based products will fade your spray tan. Stay away from Coconut Oil, Jojoba Oil and Almond Oil as they strip tan.

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